Interview – Winner Gran Fondo 2016 Christian Zucker

by Kenny Abel | 11. August 2017

What are your insider tips for a successful race?

Important is a good feeling in the morning on raceday, to know that you have done everything for a successful race for example that you have gotten enough sleep a few days before, to have filled up your carbohydrate storage and to look at the race with joy and not be too cramped and nervous on the day of the event. And, of course, the little bit of luck.

What is to be looked out for during the race?

Even during the race, it is always important to eat and drink. After the extremely hot premiere last year, this is a very important building block also to maintain concentration whilst riding in the group.

How should the race be divided?

Since the GFNY is very long for us “hobby-athletes” with its nearly 180km, we must not be tempted at the beginning to give full throttle just to keep up with the group. It is better to be a little bit slower, even if the audience cheer you on to give everything and to get forward.

What were your highlights on the track and on the track?

The mood on the track through the many spectators who simply put their table in the front yard and cheered on every participant.
It is also a great thing to ride on a completely closed track with a lead vehicle and police escort. So you really get the feeling of "BE A PRO FOR A DAY".

Which race section decides the outcome of the race?

Definitely the longer climbs and the Lauensteiner, they properly drain power from the legs. Also the wind is not to be underestimated; I was glad that it came from behind at the end of the race the last year The succession of the many small hills also drains a lot of energy.

How did it feel to win in the finish line sprint?

That was a great feeling, I was totally tired at the end. Even right at the end I was not sure, if I still have enough strength to sprint the last section. But luckily it was no different for the follower behind me.

Thanks Christian and GOOD LUCK in 2017!




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