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GFNY Deutschland Medio Fondo

GFNY Deutschland Gran Fondo

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Course details

One thing we can say for sure: It will not be easy!

The route goes out of Hamelin to Bodenwerder, by Eschershausen and the hills of the Hils near Grünenplan and the Ith near Lauenstein. The Gran Fondo drives yet another loop over the Ith and then over Voremberg back to Hamelin.

Climbs and hills

  1. Roter Fuchs (Hils) 5,41 km / 247 hm / 4% / max. 16% City: Holzen
  2. Lauensteiner Berg 5,03 km / 187 hm / 3,6% / max 14% City: Lauenstein
  3. Börry 2,9 km / 117 hm / 4 % / max. 19% City: Börry

Road closure

The road is closed for a time of first driver + 1 hr.

*Warning* Who is overtaken by the safety car (speed first driver + 60min), is no longer in the race and must stick to the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). Behind the last rider is Fin the Tour (18km / h) will go.



GFNY Deutschland


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