Dear cycling fans, friends and supporters of our beautiful cycling event !

Welcome to GFNY Deutschland !!!

Like all events of this size we need voluntarily offer help from you here in Hamelin too. To be more precise: Without your help, the race wouldn't even take place !

We turn particularly to our friends from Hamelin and surroundings. We from GFNY personally don’t come from this beautiful city, but I, Kenny, come from Hannover and have learned to love the city and its surroundings.

It is our firm belief that Hamelin is a wonderful city and with the help of our annual GFNY Race, we can make it even more special.

When we had the idea to organize a Gran Fondo New York event in Hamelin, we were immediately hooked by it. The Weserbergland with Hamelin as its cultural center.is without a doubt the ideal place for an international Every Man bicycle race.

Is without any doubt the ideal place for an international Every Man bicycle race .

Whoever took part in a GFNY event, remains instantly impressed by it. The internationality, combined with the enthusiasm for the sport and a lived sense of a GFNY family are unique.

So take a part of it as well !

The is a variety of tasks to be performed, and range from the packing of the "goodie bags" for the athletes on construction activities and signage to  blocking measures, and the

catering for participants.

All of them important areas that need to be covered. Every hand and even a little help will be gratefully accepted and needed!

After the race day, the organizers will find something nice as a thank you – for now it will be a surprise. In any case, you will receive a cool Event shirt.



GFNY Deutschland


  • Closed roads
  • 1,000 athletes
  • 25 countries